Making google analytics easier for makers
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From my days of freelancing to now, I have worked on various projects which required Google Analytics integration. I developed a habit to put Google Analytics on my personal side projects as well. After my 8th project on GA, keeping track of all of the project felt very tedious and tiresome. I noticed that this pain is very common in the IndieHacker community, so I decided to build shanc--A tool which will have hustlers like to be up to date on how much traffic their various projectts are getting.

It provides simple customizable reports with easy UX to checkout multiple proects with less number of clicks. Along with the interface with Google Analytics API, I figured out how to coordinate with Google Oauth with firebase auth as well as implement refresh token for it as well. At last, shanc also provides email reports for the user, which is compatible with user timezeones which was built using firebase functions and Google Pubsub.

I have been getting great response since I have launched this on Product Hunt. I am planning to work on the bug fixes and feature request soon.