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I am Utkarsh

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I am a Fullstack Web developer based out of Bangalore with 3 years in experience, passionate about shipping ideas to scale and helping others with their developer journeys.

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My Experiments

Here are some of the products that I have build and shipped recently ๐Ÿš€


Curated stack of top twitter threads

Gatsby JSFirebaseAirtable APIFramer Motion

Easy to implement invite list via a simple API

NextJSPostgresDBNodeJSTailwindCSSServerless API

Making google analytics easier for Indiehackers

ReactJSNextJSGoogle Analytics APIFirebase

Blog Posts

Intro to framer-motion v2.2

You might have seen a lot of layout transition examples now like this one here. Layout animations like these have been common in native apps for years now, but it was way harder to implement these in web apps because one has to cater to multiple scr...

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How will GPT-3 change the Frontend developer eco-system

Since the GPT-3's demos have stormed Twitter, more and more devs are getting anxious about how this would affect their jobs in the future. I think the tweet that has struck the developers the most is the one by Sharif Shameen https://twitter.com/shar...

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Boost your Development speed using Birla

Introduction Whatever framework you choose to build your app, you have to write some amount of boilerplate, be it some import statements, linking the component to its own style files, linking the component to your state. If you are someone who is not...

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The Wonderous World of Javascript Custom Errors

The Wonderous World of Javascript Custom Errors Errors are of different types, with varying cases of use and require the app to behave differently. Some Errors are for users, and some for the developers. Errors can be classified and extended accordin...

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How to Managing User data better with React Hooks & Context

For every frontend developer, managing user data is one of the most primal tasks. When React introducing the Hooks API in their latest release, I started experimenting with it and figured out some of the ways it can where it can help make the code cl...

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